Tax calculator services

We provide professional accounting services for individual tax returns, starting with reliable income tax calculator services then lodging your individual tax returns. 100% Guaranteed Maximum Refund with a bonus of the next coming year tax planning for your tax saving. Our income tax calculator services cost only AU $19, we have reliable accountants to check for your income tax calculating with professional tax software Sage Handitax which will be later compatible with ATO individual tax lodging by our registered tax agent. 

Just pay $19 all-in, you will be able to use our calculator services provided by professional Tax Software – Handitax operated by our reliable accountants if you:

  • had a spouse for only part of the year
  • had an employment termination payment
  • had a lump sum payment in arrears
  • had a lump sum payment because you retired or finished working in a job
  • were under 18 years and had unearned income such as interest, dividends or other investment income
  • received credit for any tax paid by a trustee
  • had exempt foreign employment income
  • had income that was subject to averaging
  • had superannuation concessional contributions in excess of your concessional contributions cap.

Income tax estimator

We produce tax calculators to help you work out your tax refund or debt estimate for previous years. You can use these to estimate your tax payable and also calculate your:

  • Medicare levy
  • Medicare levy surcharge
  • Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) / Student Start-up Loan (SSL) / Trade Support Loan (TSL) repayment
  • Student Financial Supplement Scheme (SFSS) repayment
  • any tax offsets that may apply.

The calculators also take other tax credits into account when estimating your tax refund or debt.

Information you will need:

  • total gross income payments you received
  • total amount of tax that was withheld
  • total amount of deductions to claim
  • your residency status for taxation purposes
  • details of your tax credits and any tax offsets you are entitled to claim.

You may need additional information, depending on your circumstances and what you choose to calculate.

  • Then, if you would like to lodge your tax return, our tax experts are available to make sure you receive the best possible refund. Now open nights and weekends. Tax returns lodging services start from $99, tax calculator services will be deducted when you use our tax returns lodging services. We also provide you with the best tax saving planning free of charge for the next coming year as a bonus for tax returns lodging services.